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Product Descriptions

Cheerleader for God



Every woman, at one time or another, has believed the lies the devil tries to instill in her instead of believing the truth and promises of God. It's always easier to believe the bad stuff; "I'm not good enough." "I am a hot mess." "I am ugly and insignificant." "I will never measure up or be successful." Sound familiar? More often than not the lies that she can never change, make a difference or be happy and content are more believable.


Everyone is a hot mess to one degree or another. But the good news is, you are extraordinary. With the holy hope and promise of God, you can be freed from the past lies that have held you captive for

too long, rebuild a solid foundation, and create a healthy future. 

Author Sharon Chancey Smith has experienced an abundance of pain, death, divorce, and tragedy. She had no hope left for a brighter tomorrow. Until... The day she was ready to call it quits, she encountered the hope and fulfillment she had looked for all her life; the Sovereignty of God. In her book, Sharon will help you...

  • deal with your past so you can break free from the lies the devil has chained you to... 

  • build a solid foundation in Jesus Christ so you can begin the transformation of becoming the real you

  • create a healthy future built on the peace and love that can only be found in Jesus Christ

  • learn how to put on the armor of God

  • know the difference between God's standards and the standards of the world

  • fight the good fight of faith

 God desires nothing more than to free you from the pain of the past with His joy, peace, and hope for better tomorrow. It's time to let go of the past and let God do what only He can do! Coach Smith will equip you with Biblical truth on how to become a Cheerleader for God and experience God's hope and promises in a victorious fashion.  


Includes questions for group study or personal reflection.


The Special Little Sports Car



The Special Little Sports Car is a vibrant picture book with a powerful story of faith. It is perfect for children ages infant to ten and

parents, grandparents, teachers, libraries, and classroom or Sunday school story times. It is the perfect book to encourage discussions about faith, bullying, and prayer. With the book’s eternal perspective, children and adults are encouraged to remember that with God, ALL things ARE possible (Matthew 19:26).


Seaver, an angel in heaven, desires to become a guardian angel, but to do so, he must first do a good deed on earth with the help of his mentor, Sam. When Cody’s best friend, Ryan, moves away, he leaves his favorite little sports car for Cody to take care of. When the bullies show up at the park and steal the car from Cody, he is left feeling distraught. But with the love of his mom, he is encouraged to have faith and believe with God, all things are possible. The prayer for help is received in heaven, and Seaver and Sam are sent to earth to help Cody get his special little sports car back. 

Sharon Chancey Smith experienced something no parent should ever have to endure: a child’s death. She created a story of hope and faith in memory of her son, Seaver. Cody and Ryan, Seaver’s real-life best friends, play the roles of best buddies in the book. The special little white sports car was a gift Cody left at Seaver’s grave after he passed away, becoming the inspiration for the book. The little red blanket on Cody’s bed is the special blanket Seaver carried with him during all his trips to the hospital for chemo treatments. This inspirational book is written with love and passion from a mom’s heart that will leave families encouraged and longing for more.


Questions at the end of the book aid in helping children learn to comprehend at an early age. Family book reading time is a beautiful way to build lasting memories. The clean house will soon be forgotten, but memories of family spending time together will last forever. 

The author hopes to turn her tragedy into a way to engage families to sit, read, hug, and snuggle together. There is nothing more important than spending time as a family. Parents are responsible for their children. They are a gift from God, stamped “FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE.” Parents should never take their children for granted. It's time to get back to the basics, prioritize family time, and cherish the moments that go by so quickly. It's never too late, to create, a new beginning.


Hard Cover $20.               Paperback $17

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